Architecture from an Architect’s Perspective

Dumbo Gets a New Public Library

What a thrill this summer to spot a giant “LIBRARY” painted across the façade of 9 Adams Street.  Could Dumbo actually get its own public …

Fort Greene Brownstone Living Room by Delson or Sherman Architects PC

How To Hire An Architect

If you’re planning to renovate or build a new home, the first step is to hire an architect.  Well before site work can begin, you first need a design for your home…

Office Air Purifiers

Can the indoor air in our workplaces ever be safe from coronavirus? As dropping temperatures force us to close our office windows, this question becomes …

Black Lives Matter

We stand in solidarity with the BLM protesters.  Faced with the ongoing murders, injustices, police brutality, and systemic racism against Black people, we share their outrage. But we …

Pop-Up Hospitals designed by Delson or Sherman Architects PC

Pop-up Hospitals

NYC RECOILS When New York City became the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, it posed a crushing challenge not only to our front-line medical professionals, …

Outdoor Dining NYC


As temperatures dropped, we mourned the end of our summer nights dining al fresco in the middle of Vanderbilt Avenue. The COVID winter ahead seemed …

Best Residential Architects

Home Builder Digest has just published its Best Residential Architects. And we’re happy to report Delson or Sherman Architects made this short list.

Design Solutions To PPE Crisis by Delson or Sherman Architects PC

Design Solutions To PPE Crisis

As New York reopens, we take inspiration from designers who have responded to the Covid crisis with drive, imagination, and honor. Here are a few projects of note:

Greetings From The Epicenter

As we close in on two months of working from home due to Covid, we’re settling into our new normal. We’re no longer arriving at the crowded York Street station from all over Brooklyn each morning, coffee in tow. 

design build diagram

Why Not Design-Build?

DESIGN-BUILD VS. DEDICATED ARCHITECTS Design-build firms garner lots of hype these days, but are they as good as they seem?  Reports from homeowners who’ve taken this path …

Curbed’s Most Beautiful Homes

Curbed has chosen a project by Delson or Sherman Architects for its list of “New York City’s Most Beautiful Homes of 2019.”  The project was …