February 6, 2021 

Best Residential Architects

Best Residential Architects in Brooklyn

Home Builder Digest has just published its Best Residential Architects in Brooklyn, New York.  And we’re happy to report Delson or Sherman Architects made this short list.

Home Builder Digest is a team of builders, project consultants, and writers united by their passion for home construction and architecture.  They publish lists of the best building professionals across the U.S. using a rigorous evaluation methodology based on more than a dozen criteria.  The goal of their findings is to help homeowners find the best professionals for their projects.

They singled out Delson or Sherman Architects as “one of the most collaborative architectural firms in New York”.  This caught us by surprise.  Not that we don’t value collaboration–we do!  We just assumed all architects do, too.  After all, a successful project requires a lot of people with lots of divergent talents to all work towards a shared goal.  It’s more like making a movie than the Howard Roark myth of a solo architect suggests.

On the other hand, Home Builder Digest also noted our specialty is “maximizing a space to its full potential”.  Can’t argue with that.  Thanks!