February 12, 2012


Outdoor Dining NYCAs temperatures dropped, we mourned the end of our summer nights dining al fresco in the middle of Vanderbilt Avenue. The COVID winter ahead seemed dark and bleak. But with their indomitable pluck, New York restaurateurs have come to our rescue yet again.

In a few short weeks, they’ve transformed our sidewalks into a pop-up city of outdoor dining. These plywood and polycarbonate huts are an inspiration. Their creativity, their diversity, their beauty, and their sheer number–it’s staggering. Here’s a sampling of some favorites.

As of today, Feb. 12, Governor Cuomo is loosening the ban on indoor dining, but we’ll opt to nosh on the sidewalks until we’re vaccinated. Granted, some of the new sheds are so enclosed they hardly count as outdoors. On the other hand, cheers to the individual huts, where you can dine in your own private quarantine bubble.