Park Slope Row House

This 16′-wide Park Slope row house was a crush of tiny rooms and tinier halls.  So we cleared out the parlor floor.  This left one great room for living, dining, and kitchen, with each space zoned by custom cabinetry.  Though we removed the partitions, we preserved the parquet floor as a map of the old layout.

On the garden floor, sliding walls turn a playroom into a multi-use space.  One tack-board wall opens to reveal a washer/dryer, and suddenly the space is a laundry room.  While closing another chalkboard wall divides the space into office and guest room.

And at the top of the house, under a new skylight, we segmented a bathroom into separate functions.  This way, a single bathroom serves the whole family at once without giving up privacy.

Project Info

Park Slope, Brooklyn
3,500 s.f.
Year Complete
General Contractor
Square Indigo Inc.
Structural Engineer
Angelos Georgopoulos, PC
Scott Schnall, P.E.
Catherine Tighe
Park Slope row house parquet floor