Boerum Hill House

This landmark-district building was falling into the street.  To stabilize the structure, we had to rebuild a 30′ long masonry wall and add heavy timber trusses.

But by leaving these elements exposed, we evoked the origins of the Boerum Hill house.  Before our conversion, it was a church.  And before that, a warehouse.  Adding a cast-iron stove and an open stair, we kept the building’s industrial character and basic plan.

Deep skylights now light the double-height space, furnished with a 20′ long table made of fir planks.  Small spaces on and under the old choir loft make for cozy alternatives to the big room.

Project Info

Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, NY
5600 SF
Year Complete
General Contractor
Tatra Renovation
Structural Engineer
Angelos Georgopoulos
MEP Engineer
Kohler Ronan, LLC
J. Callahan Consulting, Inc.
Jason Schmidt