Montclair House

One small addition to this house in Montclair, NJ cured all of its layout problems in one go.  The addition was just big enough for a small mud room, laundry, and half bathroom.  But it let us take the back door out of the sitting room.  This made a huge difference in a small room made unfurnishable by five door openings.  Suddenly, we had room for a sofa.

The old kitchen had been an awkward size: too narrow for an island but too wide for easy use.  Now, not only is it considerably more spacious, but everything is within reach.  We replaced its backsplash with a strip of windows to open up views to the backyard.


Project Info

Montclair, NJ
3,500 s.f.
Year Complete
General Contractor
Randall Home Improvements
Catherine Tighe
built in bookshelf in addition to this house in Montclair