The competition was for a movable visitors’ hut on a frozen river in Winnipeg. Our entry is a biomimetic tribute to the winter cherry, nature’s own architectural wonder. Similarly, we wrapped a gauzy shell of windproof ice around a glowing red globe. Between the two is an annular seating area that we upholstered in thick fleece for warmth and comfort. Set on skids for easy transport, the the round floor of the hut hovers just above the snow and ice.

Tensile bamboo rods frame the vaulted room, draped in polyester netting. When we sprayed the net with water, the subzero air quickly froze it into a shell of ice. Lastly, a red battery-powered LED lights up the interior and turns the hut into a glowing lantern at night.

The Forks, Winnipeg, Ontario
50 s.f.
Year Completed