Riverside Drive Apartment

Before we stepped in, the kitchen and living room were at opposite corners of this sprawling Riverside Drive apartment — thirty paces apart! We united the common spaces, nearly doubling their size.  You can finally enjoy the long run of windows onto Riverside Park in a single glance.

Taking charge of both the architecture and the decorating for this project allowed us to make finishes and furnishings a seamless whole. Challenges along the way included adding central air conditioning without the luxury of outdoor space, relocating poorly placed electrical panels, and navigating a demanding building-review process.

In this case, the ends justify the means. Our new windows set a new standard for this Landmark building. The flawless oak floors are long planks in the bedrooms and herringbone in the common spaces. The channeled upholstery of the banquette nestles perfectly into the curve of the breakfast nook. And our custom kitchen sink and island are carved from the same block of soapstone.

Upper West Side, Manhattan
3,500 s.f.
Year Completed
General Contractor
Cortlandt Contracting Corp.
Structural Engineer
Angelos Georgopoulos
J. Callahan Consulting, Inc.
Jason Schmidt
MEP Engineer
D'Antonio Consulting Eng.