We’ve tested every type of dog harness and collar over the years but never found one that prevents a dog from pulling at the leash. So we designed our own.

The problem is that it’s in a dog’s nature to pull. Dogs reflexively move towards pressure on their bodies, and this opposition reflex is reinforced, rather than softened, by conventional collars and harnesses. An advancing dog feels the restraint press against her throat or chest and, instead of slowing, surges forward, which increases the pressure, and so on in an amplifying feedback loop. Great for sled dogs, but trouble for the remaining 99% of dogs and their owners.

Our Reflex Dog Harness actually uses this opposition reflex to inhibit pulling. The harness exerts no pressure at all at the front of the dog’s chest, throat, or head. Instead, when the dog pulls, the harness presses at the back of her neck only. With no frontal resistance to push against, the pulling reflex disappears. If anything, the posterior pressure stops forward movement.

No training or acclimation is required—neither for dog, nor for walker. The effect is instantaneous. Furthermore, the harness is very comfortable for the dog, allowing free range of motion without chafing. And it stays well clear of the throat, eliminating any risk of choking.

The fit is easy to adjust on the fly. But even a loose Reflex dog harness is secure and effective: it always stops the dog from pulling, and the dog cannot wriggle free.

Year Completed