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Architects are responsible for creating buildings that are both safe and aesthetically pleasing. Their job also involves coordinating construction projects, negotiating contracts, and maintaining building codes. Architects often work with different types of clients, from businesses to homeowners

They work in a variety of settings and may be involved in all phases of a construction project. They work closely with clients to discuss design ideas and prepare plans and usually spend a majority of their time in office settings, but they may visit construction sites and review the progress of a project. Despite long work hours, however, architects are often required to meet deadlines.

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Architects design buildings. As artists, architects use the real to abstract to create works of art. They use their skills to create functional spaces and showcase their work in public places. Aside from designing residential buildings, architects also design office buildings, shops, grocery stores, and more commercial properties. Architects are involved in every stage of a construction project, from initial planning sessions to ribbon-cutting ceremonies.

Architects work closely with contractors to ensure that their construction projects are on budget, are in the correct location, and meet with clients. They may also be responsible for evaluating constructions to make sure that they follow building codes. In addition to meeting with clients and developing plans, architects work with construction professionals to file the necessary permits. They also work with construction firms and subcontractors to ensure that a project is completed safely and on schedule.

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