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Architects design and plan all kinds of buildings, dwellings, and spaces. With a degree in architecture, architects are trained to take into account the look, feel, functionality, accessibility, and cost of buildings and space. Some specialize in a specific type of building or phase of the construction process, while others focus on a single type of space. In addition to designing buildings, architects also specify construction methods and materials that will be environmentally friendly and minimize the negative impact on the surrounding environment.

An architect should have excellent communication skills and an excellent eye for spatial relationships. Drawing skills and artistic ability are advantageous but not essential. More important is an ability to think logically and visually. Other qualities that an architect must possess are independence and creativity. Computer skills are useful when it comes to writing specifications, doing 2 and 3-dimensional drafting using CADD programs, and managing finances. Architects work closely with clients and must be comfortable working independently and on tight deadlines.

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Following the building codes is a necessity for every project. The codes define the size, height, and location of structures, as well as how they are to be used. In some cases, they also dictate the use of energy. Building codes also regulate the accessibility of buildings for the disabled. Often, these codes are costly, but if you want to cut costs on construction, you must stick to the building codes in your area.

Architects follow building codes to create a safe and efficient structure. They follow building codes by consulting experts in many fields. They refer to the adopted building code when reviewing construction drawings or specifications. The codes are not legally binding but serve as guidelines for construction. After a community adopts them, they become law. This is one of the primary reasons why architects work long hours. So it’s important to know what building codes are and how they apply to your specific project. Work with the architects at Delson or Sherman so your building project can be completed properly.