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Architects are responsible for the creation of final construction plans for commercial and residential buildings. These plans show the general appearance and details of the building and may include drawings of the structural system, mechanical and electrical systems, plumbing, and communications systems. They also create site plans and interior furnishings and follow local and national building codes and zoning laws.

Architects plan and design spaces to fit the needs and requirements of their clients. They work with other professionals to create buildings and complexes, but some specialize in a specific type of building or phase of construction. Others provide construction management services. Whatever the case, architects help make the building process run smoothly and meet safety and regulatory standards.

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Architects have a wide range of responsibilities and are ultimately responsible for the visual appearance of a building. When they design a building, they take into account the functions it will serve and its overall aesthetic appeal. They choose the exact placement of rooms and walls, as well as whether there will be open spaces. Each architect has their own style and may prefer a particular type of design. A circle-shaped building may be more appealing to one architect than to another.

Architects consult with clients for several reasons. A consultation allows both parties to discuss their project goals and ensure that the client is satisfied with the result. Clients should communicate their ideas clearly and ask as many questions as possible. An architect should clearly state their fee structure and deliverables so that the client knows what to expect. Additionally, the architect should be open to suggestions and make necessary changes during the consultation. The process should be transparent from start to finish. Contact our architects today to get started on your project.