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A residential architect works behind the scenes to ensure that the end result is exactly what you’ve envisioned. They respond to contractor questions, troubleshoot problems, and coordinate site visits. During a project, you should schedule several site visits with your residential architect to make sure that the end result reflects your vision. Final site visits allow you to make final decisions on furnishings, fixtures, and appliances.

Using the expertise of residential architects to create co-living spaces can result in beautiful and functional living areas for shared spaces. Such co-living spaces foster interaction, collaboration, and inclusion among residents. Many new co-living spaces are designed to resemble hotel rooms, lacking in aesthetics and internal flexibility. In contrast, co-living spaces designed by residential architects are flexible, adaptable, and aesthetically pleasing. The benefits of working with an architect are numerous and well worth the extra money.

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A successful residential architect will be receptive to the needs of the clients and think outside of the box to create an innovative design. Residential architects will ensure that the design is functional and follows the local building codes while catering to the needs and preferences of the client. There are many different kinds of co-living spaces, including duplexes, apartments, condominiums, and townhouses. For more information on our residential architects and our capabilities, contact us today.

The architectural profession involves planning and designing properties, and residential architects specialize in designing new homes, remodeling existing homes, and adding new features to existing homes. Residential architects meet with clients to determine the needs of their projects and create architectural blueprints of the proposed design. They take into consideration zoning and building codes, safety issues, and place utilities appropriately. Residential architects may even oversee the construction project, checking to make sure the design and construction are on track and avoiding unexpected delays. Get started on your building project by contacting our architects today!