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Before hiring a residential architect, discuss mutual expectations, including your budget and the amount of time you’re willing to spend working with the firm. Also, find out how much hands-on involvement you’ll be expected to take. In addition, you should be clear about which elements of the process the architect will handle and which are your responsibility.

Residential architects are experts in designing and building bespoke living spaces for varied contexts and clients. By collaborating with their clients, they ensure their living spaces are tailored to their needs. They also provide detailed blueprints for contractors, ensuring their work meets zoning regulations and permits. At Delson or Sherman Architects, we have a thorough architectural design process, anticipating client needs and implementing innovative design solutions.

Our Crown Heights Architects Work On Commercial & Residential Projects

One of the biggest pitfalls in construction is not completing a project on time. While it’s perfectly understandable to want your project to be finished as quickly as possible, the worst-case scenario is to fall behind schedule and face serious financial and logistical consequences. In order to avoid this, you should ensure that you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Architects are responsible for designing commercial, residential, and public structures. They are trained in architecture and know the various codes and regulations regarding building and electrical needs. They also understand the various materials used in each specific building and understand zoning regulations. These are important considerations for any architect as they create the desired building structures that their clients want. They must be meticulous and detail-oriented in order for the finished product to look exactly like what the client wants. To ensure that your designs look exactly the way to want, you should work with our professional architects at Delson or Sherman Architects. Contact us today!